Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster


NGM Canada's Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster Strategy will build on the innovation strengths of southern Ontario to help manufacturers across Canada become world leaders in the application of advanced technologies.

It will leverage private and public funding to boost investments in:

The supercluster will:

  1. Help manufacturers meet four key requirements for being globally competitive in a high-cost economy.
    • Innovative product development
    • Optimized production processes
    • Access to global markets, supply chains, trends and technologies
    • Highly skilled and engaged workers
  2. Provide customized support for companies at all life-cycle stages.
    • Start-ups - rapid prototyping and ramp-up to industrial production scales
    • SMEs - product development and process improvement through the application of advanced technologies
    • Large companies - innovation opportunities, supplier and customer development
  3. Address widely recognized challenges.
    • Low rates of technology awareness and adoption
    • Aversion to risk in adopting/investing in technologies
    • Workforce capabilities and capacity for managing technologies
    • Heavy reliance on domestic and US markets
  4. Position companies for the new digital age of manufacturing.
    • Focus on the application of advanced technologies
    • Foster stronger links between technology research, start-ups, technology providers, and the manufacturing sector
  5. Focus on manufacturing and technology strengths in key industry sectors.
    • Auto, food processing, steel, wood products, materials, new devices

The full program overview can be found on the Government of Canada's Innovative Superclusters Initiative website.