Next Generation Manufacturing Canada

Next Generation Manufacturing Canada

An industry-led network dedicated to building next generation manufacturing capabilities in Canada.


Our Vision

Our goal is to position Canada as a world leader in advanced manufacturing, with Canadian companies setting global benchmarks in terms of innovation and competitive performance.

Industry 4.0

Advanced digital, materials, and production technologies are revolutionizing the business of manufacturing around the world. They are leading the way to new and more highly customized products and services, to new solutions for society, and to the emergence of brand new industries. They are improving the value, quality, and productivity of work. And, they are allowing manufacturers to respond rapidly to changing business conditions and customer requirements.

The Opportunity for Canada Canada Flag

Canada is an advanced manufacturing economy. Our manufacturers need to be at the forefront of technology deployment in order to compete and grow.

Canada is home to dynamic technology companies, globally ranked start-up ecosystems, world-class research and educational facilities, and a diverse and highly qualified workforce.

NGMCanada supports the transformation and growth of Canada's manufacturing and technology sectors by connecting our innovation and manufacturing capabilities, fostering collaboration, accelerating the adoption of advanced manufacturing processes and the development, scale-up, and commercialization of new technologies - to build greater prosperity for Canadians.